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Located in the North of Staffordshire, on the edge of the Peak District, Cheadle is a busy picturesque market town only a short distance from Alton Towers, Britain's favourite theme park. The glory of this market town is 'Pugin's Gem' the Roman Catholic church of St Giles, commissioned in 1841, and designed by AWN Pugin. It is considered to be the finest Victorian Gothic church in the country and a must to visit.


The town has many independent shops including traditional butcher, baker, jeweller, crafts and oatcake shop. Housed in a beautifully restored Victorian Hall, the friendly indoor market provides a wide range of quality products. Small Indie-type shops and coffee houses make Cheadle a perfect stop off when visiting the nearby Peak District.

Half day closing: Wednesday

Cheadle achieved Fairtrade Town status 2011, due to requests received from local Churches and local Business’ within the town.

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Cheadle Tourism Leaflet:


Members of Team Cheadle in 2021 helped to organise the online Cheadle BIG Questionnaire.

The results have now been compiled and are available to download below!

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