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Team Cheadle a constituted community group working to make the town a better place to work, live and visit.
Members are from a cross section of the community, including local councillors, retailers, business owners and residents.

The group organises public town events on a voluntary basis and helps to co-ordinate and promote other local community events.

Team Cheadle also acts to drive change in the town, by working with various partners including the town and district councils. The tourism subgroup has been particularly active in ensuring the town is well positioned to receive tourism visitors (this subgroup is currently paused as the Town Council has formed a tourism committee).

Meetings normally take place on the first Thursday of the month.

Group Officers:
Chair: Paulette Upton
Treasurer: Mark Staton

Events: Paulette Upton, Rick Hermolle
Membership: Lisa Hollins
Publicity: Nicky Day
Creative Cheadle Representative: Dee Beardmore
Retail Representatives: Lisa Hollins and Carole Goodwin
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